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Carolin Collins

"Carolin was unbelievably efficient. The full site build only took a few weeks. She replied immediately to every email I sent her (many outside working hours) and was always at the other end of the phone when I needed her."
"In avoiding highbrow, IT / webby "lingo" - Carolin makes things simple, easy to understand and follow. You feel like she invests her own time and complete energy to make sure you really understand how things work on your site. She coaches you how and empowers you to take control of your own website - saving money on small changes, while being there when you know it's time to make a big update, upgrade or design changes."
"Carolin did an amazing job on my website. I am so thrilled with the finished product. She took on board all the information I gave her to give me exactly what I wanted. Carolin is very intuitive and a good communicator making it easy to work with even when not in the same country!"
"I had been in touch with other web designers before I heard about inTandem Web Design and none of them came close to what I wanted. Carolin is so creative, she knew exactly what I wanted in a website. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer..."
"I was tearing my hair out, when I first started thinking about a website for my new business. I tried a couple of different ways, including the DIY approach ahhhh! Then I realised it was like learning a whole new language, and I needed an interpreter. Fortunately for me a friend at school gave me Carolin's details. I find Carolin to be an absolute expert in her field, easy to understand and a great listener! A fab gift to have. Carolin comes highly recommended."

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I am Carolin Collins, the CIW-certified web designer behind inTandem Web Design!

Qualified with an MBS in Management Information Systems as well as a B.Sc. in Management and with 12 years of work experience in training, management consulting and IT management, I realised it was time for change! Web Design allows me to combine my business, technical and creative skills into one package and I haven’t looked back since!

After I graduated from college, I first headed off to London like many of my contemporaries (it was the late 80s after all!). A series of temping jobs landed me eventually in a training department in local government. That might not sound too exciting but let me tell you that my fantastic boss from way back then is still my inspiration to this date! She taught me about team work, professionalism and above all open communications. A firm belief that we were able to make a positive difference in someone's career instilled a desire in me to always work in a field where I could do just that - help the client to an easier or better way of doing business.

After getting my urge to see more of the world out of my system via a stint travelling through the USA, Fiji and New Zealand (including trying my hand at the mandatory sheep shearing), I returned to Ireland to complete a Masters degree and ended up in Management Consulting and IT Management, working for the likes of Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Price Waterhouse (now PwC) and Rhenus Logistics.

However, throughout my businessy/techy years, I was always searching for creative outlets and soon my old jobs weren't enough anymore. I love to paint and studied ceramics and sculpture for a while. But moving into a creative field altogether would also not work because I am too much of a nerd to be able to leave all the technology behind completely. I had already dabbled in a basic HTML/CSS several years earlier and had great fun setting up my employer's first website. So I decided to go back into full-time education, spent the next year retraining as a CIW-certified web designer and set up inTandem in 2009. The rest is .... you know what.

I strive to build websites that are accessible and conform to the latest standards, are easy to maintain, can easily be found by search engines and enhance any business organisation beyond simply ticking the ‘online’ box.

My background in management consulting gives me the ability to convey technical information in clear and simple terms and to comfortably deal with people at all levels within an organisation. I look beyond the design brief and will assist you in developing a website with content that not only supports but also enhances your business strategy. I am therefore able to offer you an approachable web design service that will not overwhelm you or your clients with jargon but will deliver what is right for your organisation.

Where required, I work with additional staff as well as graphic designers to develop a beautiful and unique online presence for you. So when I use "we", "us" and "our" throughout this site, it is because I am part of this team of fantastic contributors, working in tandem with me and you.

Our portfolio is an evolving showcase of our work. Please revisit inTandem's website frequently to see new additions and testimonials as our customer-base increases.

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